All Thanks to TalkU User with 1.5X Tapjoy Credits on ThanksGiving Day

More than 4 centuries ago, American celebrate its first Thanksgiving Day by sharing an autumn harvest feast. President Abraham Lincoln first declared Thanksgiving is a national holiday, after that, this day becomes a special day for Americans to express thanks, family gather, offer holiday food: turkeys, pumpkin pies.

On this special day, TalkU thanks to all users for choosing TalkU.

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Get 150% credits on thanksgiving day!

Tapjoy is now holding a big currency sale on TalkU, you can get 1.5x credits from Tapjoy offers than usual. 

12:00am PST Thursday, 11/23 – 11:59 PST Sunday, 11/26


How to Find the Tapjoy offer wall?

Open TalkU->More ->Get Credits ->Tap “complete an offer” and then you will see Tapjoy!

Happy ThanksGiving!



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