How to set up a login password on TalkU



How do you login to your TalkU? Access code is a popular choice; though, it may not be the best way. It is not fun waiting minutes even hours for your access code to be emailed, let alone the pain of not receiving access code:

I have just lost my phone. How do I log in to my TalkU?

I am having problem with access code because I cannot get access to my email.

Don’t want to be bothered with access codes anymore? read on to check out how to set up a login password on TalkU.
1. Open TalkU-> More->Settings->Account Settings ->Setup Password.

  1. Done! Now you only need to enter the password every time you log in to TalkU. No hassle of access code anymore!

Security upgrade-turn on password protection

If you are particularly cautious about mobile privacy, you can reinforce the security by turning on password protection. When password protection is on, you are required to input the password every time you open TalkU. With this feature, no one except you can get access your TalkU account.



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